The Most Luxurious European Treats

Europe is home to many kingdoms and Empires. It is also home to some of the most eccentric and excessive personalities in the history of the world. So it only makes sense that they have some of the most expensive treats on the planet. If you are any kind of a foodie, then these items should be on your bucket list. So ready your bags, your ETIAS Visa, and your passport because we are Foodtripping Europes most luxurious treats.


The Most Expensive Soup: London


Found at the Kai Mayfair, the soup is called “The Buddha Jumps Over the Wall.” The soup has a whole host of ingredients including shark fin, abalone, Huan Ham, Dried scallops, and Japanese Flower mushroom. Each bowl costs about $190 and has to pre-ordered 5 days in advance so that the chef can read the ingredients.


The Most Expensive Pie: Lancashire


This is no ordinary meat pie. This one that they serve in The Fence Gate Inn has about $870 worth of wagyu beef in it. Other luxurious ingredients include French bluefoot mushrooms which cost about $160 per pound. There is also the Chinese matsutake mushrooms at about $400 per pound. For the gravy, it uses two bottles of vintage 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild wine costing $1470 per bottle.


With ingredients that pricey this meat pie of epic proportions comes with a grand price tag. A slice alone will cost $1,781. A whole pie costs $14,260. Then again, the crust is covered with the symbol of luxury; edible gold leaf.


The Most Expensive Pizza: Malta


Everyone loves pizza, and the holy grail of the favorite savory pie is probably at Malta’s Margo’s Pizzeria. This pizza is covered in the epitome of luxury; 100 grams of white truffles and of course, edible gold leaf. This pie is so special that it has to be ordered a week in advance. Still, this $2400 pie fills your soul, as well as your belly as money from this pie, goes to charity as well.


Those are just three of the many rich foods you can find in Europe. None of those are even dessert items. Europe is a wide continent rich in culture, and this is just the taste of the many great things you can experience when you visit there.