How To Obtain A New ETIAS Spain Visa

If you are coming into Spain from the United States, you are going to need a visa. This can be obtained by going through the ETIAS Spain Visa waiver program. Set up in a similar manner to ones in Canada and the United States, it essentially validates who you are, giving you permission to visit this country for up to 90 days. The process is also very similar when you go through it in order to get the visa that you need. This should be done a couple weeks before you depart, but it can be accomplished in a matter of minutes, as long as you are going to the right website.

Where Do You Go To Get This Done

To obtain an ETIAS Spain visa, you must go to the ETIAS Visa Waiver website. You will go directly to the section for United States citizens, and then complete the application. The application is very short, allowing most people to fill it out within a few minutes. You will then submit your payment. This will then go through a computer process where they verified not only who you are, but that you have a valid passport. If it all checks out, and you are coming from a country that is approved on their list, you will be granted a visa so that you can enter Spain.

What Is The Fastest Way To Apply?

The fastest way is to use the ETIAS online application. You will need to complete the registration, submit and pay the fee, and then they will process it by comparing who you are up against the security database. Once it has been approved, the email that you provided will be sent notification of the approval. This will then be electronically connected to you and your passport, allowing you to fly into Spain for business, or a vacation, using this digital system.