What You Need To Know About The Weather and Climate In Russia 

Russia is a country well known for the freezing temperatures in the winter. Although, unbeknownst to most, the summers in Russia can be dry and hot. Summer is a great time to go to Russia as the temperatures are warmer and it is easier to navigate and tour around the country. Below is what you need to know about the weather and climate when evisum russland.


Summer in Russia 

The summer in Russia begins around the first of June and is concluded on the last day of August. It is a common practice for Russians to move to the country to bask in the warm sun during summer. This is the reason why the population in large cities drastically reduces during the summer. Most tourists like to visit Russia in the summer.


Autumn in Russia 

The shortest season Russia has is Autumn. During autumn, the weather is unpredictable. Autumn is still an excellent time to visit Russia although it gets slightly cold at times with fluctuating heat. The tourists in Russia drastically decrease since the temperatures are dropping and it becomes increasingly cold towards October. Around November, it becomes icy and may start snowing.


Winter in Russia 

In Russia, the winter officially begins on the first of December and concludes around the end of February. However, snow may still exist until around April. The winter in Russia is often very harsh, and temperatures may reach around negative seventy degrees. If you are going to visit Russia in the winter, make sure to pack warm clothing to protect you from the harsh temperatures.


Spring Season in Russia 

Spring is the time with minimal to no tourists in Russia. It officially begins around the first of March and ends on the thirty first of May. The winter may stretch until around April so most of Spring may be cold. Around May and June, the temperatures begin to get warmer as summer approaches. This might be the best time to visit if you do not like scorching temperatures.


Before planning a trip to Russia, ensure you know what season it is there and be well prepared. Carry clothes that are appropriate for the weather. Take note of the excruciating winter temperatures and pack fur-coated clothing to protect yourself.…