4 Important New Zealand Visa Tips For British Tourists

A vacation in New Zealand is a once in a lifetime chance for many tourists. There are stunning landscapes, exciting places to visit and impressive indigenous cultures to experience in New Zealand, but before you even start minding your travel itinerary, your New Zealand visa comes first. Tourists from different countries have different  tourist requirements; UK visitors should remember the following tips:

1.UK Residents Are Visa-Free

UK residents can enjoy visa-free travel to New Zealand. They may stay up to 6 months. With this amount of time, UK residents can check out a wide variety of top tourist destinations in the country. They can go on tours and even take special short-term lessons intended for visitors like culture lessons, cooking, dancing and art lessons.

2.UK Visitors Are Not Allowed To Work

While UK tourists may travel anywhere they want to in New Zealand; they may not be able to work. Taking part-time jobs and simple jobs are prohibited. If UK residents want to seek employment in New Zealand, they may need a different kind of visa for this. And if tourists want to study at a university in New Zealand, a different kind of visa is also required. Make sure you have the right visa when you travel to avoid any worries.

3. Required Documents For Entry

UK residents should provide the following to the Immigration Office upon entry to New Zealand. First, your passport should not be damaged or defaced and must possess airline tickets or a “valid onwards” ticket to another country along with permission to enter documents.  Your passport should be valid at least a month from the date of your exit to the country.

Along with these travel documents, you must prove that you have sufficient money to fund your visit from day one to departure.

4. UK Residents Who NEED eTA

There are UK residents who need an Electronic Travel Authority visa. Tourists who are arriving in New Zealand via cruise ship need to present an eTA. Crews of commercial airlines and cruise ships should have an eTA that’s valid up to 5 years.

UK tourists do not need a visa to visit New Zealand when visiting for just six months or less. Also, those who are not traveling because of medical consultations or treatment do not require a visa.