4 Must-Visit Lakes In the USA

While the United States homes a vast number of stunning beaches, it may surprise you that America also boasts picturesque lakes in the interior of the country. Incredible lakes can be found across the country, from the vibrant New York up to Western Nevada. If you have secured your ESTA USA, here are a few you may want to visit on your trip, regardless of the time of the year.


Torch Lake, Michigan


Torch Lake has an unmatched charm that mostly associated with its striking turquoise color – often even compared to that of the Carribean. The lake is famous for its magnificent sunset, dramatic change of waves and its two-mile-long sandbar.  Indulge yourself with fun water activities like sailing, kayaking, canoeing, or windsurfing. If you want to relax, don’t fret! Torch Lake is one of the much quieter and peaceful Michigan lakes you can visit.


Flathead Lake, Montana


Dubbed as a beautiful sheet of water, Flathead Lake offers 188 square miles of shimmering bluish waters and endless recreational activities to its visitors. Get to witness the sights of the Swan and Mission Mountains. Enjoy boating, fishing, sailing, or have a fun picnic at the sides. If you are an animal enthusiast, see 75 types of birds, bighorn sheep, deer, coyotes, and bears at the Glacier National Park off the lake.


Hanging Lake, Colorado


Hanging Lake is recognized for its otherworldly beauty and clear bluish waters. Suspended on a cliffside (thus the name), accompanied by thin waterfall tendrils and surrounded by a lush environment, no wonder it was named a National Natural Landmark in 2011. While you may need to hike for two to three hours, it is well worth the effort to see its magnificent natural beauty.


Lake Chelan, Washington


Lake Chelan is the biggest natural lake in Washington and serves as the entry point to the North Cascades National Park. While it is in the out-of-the-way region, it has renowned to be a summer respite for the city-dwellers who want to escape the city jam. Take in the sights of its picturesque surrounding, witness stunning vineyards, and indulge in delicacies little towns around the lake offers.


America is a huge country and there are so many more incredible lakes in is its arsenal. We haven’t even started to touch the surface with this file. Go ahead and get that ESTA USA as more stunning natural wonders are awaiting for you.


Touring New Zealand With a Campervan

If you are like road trips and nature, you might want to consider applying for a new zealand visa as early as now. This country is a place where you may find arranging a mega road trip delightful. To help you out with your itinerary, here are the activities you must try in New Zealand during your campervan adventure.


Plan Out Your Route

The first thing you must do is plan out the most enjoyable route that will allow you to visit many places in a short time. Take your time to carefully figure out which areas you would like to visit and which routes you are allowed to take. Researching about the country before the trip will also allow you to find the fastest routes so you can cover more places.


Visit the Islands

You can start exploring the northern part of the island where you can find many hot water beaches. You can also check out the Himatangi beach to watch an epic sunset in a clean environment. The Porirua is also worth your time with its free WiFi, which is the fastest in the country. For more information about your destinations, you can go to the Wellington public library.

If you prefer natural sceneries, the southern part of the island is your best bet. You can pass by Arthur’s Pass to witness majestic sights and landscapes. The place is also appropriate for drives because it boasts winding roads and epic mountains.


Pick a Place To Camp Out

In New Zealand, it is easy to find many campsites that will fit your needs and budget. If you want to camp for free, you can opt to stay in a Department of Conservation site but be mindful that you probably will not get the same benefits and facilities as other paid camping sites. Visit their official website for details about the campsite you wish to stay at. If you have your phone with you during the trip, you can also download a camping ground app where you can find reviews and photos of different sites.

Planning a trip by yourself is enjoyable because you can get to visit places and try new activities you want to. New Zealand is known for its natural beauty, so get your passport and new zealand visa now to experience road tripping in this country.…